International Stewards

Join the next generation of agrarian leaders. Become a SAGE Steward!

Is your home country based in South Asia, Africa, Latin America or the Caribbean? MESA’s Sustainable Agriculture & Global Exchange Program (SAGE) is currently offered for candidates from the above regions, nominated by a trusted MESA NGO partner in Sri Lanka or Kenya, or a trusted representative.  Latin American and Caribbean residents may contact MESA’s representatives based in Peru at <lac at mesaprogram dot org> for information about joining. If you are from one of our partner regions and seek practical training and cultural exchange experience with an ecological US farm, agricultural nonprofit, sustainable food supplier or research center, MESA’s SAGE Program may be a great choice to advance your career pathway. MESA sponsors international trainees (aka “Stewards) within the US Department of State’s J1 visa exchange visitor program for up to 12 months. 

US-based programs are designed for beginning or established farmers, recent agriculture graduates, and sustainable farm advocates from around the world. Do you want to live and train with a US Host placement working in sustainable agriculture? 

MESA Stewards come with a wide range of expertise and life experience. Some work on family farms, others are emerging community leaders or working toward advanced degrees in agroecology and similar disciplines. Some come from regions that have been in conflict for long periods, where the future of small-scale food production is uncertain. What SAGE Stewards have in common is a desire to be exposed to the innovations in sustainable agriculture production and marketing in the US, and an eagerness to share social and agricultural traditions with their Hosts.

Are you a MESA Steward alumni interested in the Next Level Program?Click here.