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Meadowlark Hearth Farm through MH Living Environment Foundation

Scottsbluff, Nebraska
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About the Placement:

Detailed Placement Description

Land is Demeter certified Biodynamic, and certified USDA organic. We use strategy for our planting and storage times to make it possible to offer year round vegetables to the local area and into Colorado which is significant because of the colder climate. We integrate seed growing into our vegetable operation. The cows have horns, provide milk through the micro dairy as well as meat and are all grass fed (no grain) which is best for the cows digestion. The most significant aspect for the cows is that we use compost their manure for the fertility of the farm plus cover cropping. We are in an area where there is significant agri business so we are always trying to hone our skill to communicate to farmers and the general public about organic agriculture which is not familiar to the locals. We have chickens for eggs and use the old ones for soup. Our great pyranees dog guards the chickens. Currently there are 7 people on site and there is a possibility for 9 people and may be a possibility for someone to live close by. The local town is 3 miles away and has a 10 month farmer’s market 4 months each week June through September and October through March twice per month. There is a local community theater where interesting documentaries, movies and unusual music events happen. Colorado is 2-3 hours away and people go there at least bimonthly. One of the main farmer’s Nathan Corymb Clark is a naturalist who can take people on hikes and point out wildlife and plants in the area. One of the other farmers is a musician and is interested in singing and playing the piano and another is a song writer. Another is very proficient in grazing planning for the cattle. And his wife is studying nursing. Nathan and Beth like to celebrate and mark the seasons in relation to Anthroposophy with music and poetry.

Primary Production :

Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, Cattle, Poultry, Dairy

About the Internship

Training Hours:

5 1/2 days per week during work and one half day cumulative training…hands on so it is 150 days per year of education and then trying out what one learns

Training Expectations :

No drugs, or drinking or smoking at the farm. Days can be 10-12 hour days with a 1-4 hour break in mid day depending on season, 5-6 days per week, We encourage the interns to cook one meal per week and to let us know if they have special needs in regards to the schedule. For instance, sometimes someone needs to go to the gym to work out or needs to have time off to go hiking or do whatever they need to do. We try to work with people and their schedules while also educating about timing in relation to what needs to be accomplished for the season.

On-Site Training, Steward’s primary activities :

horticulture with vegetables, milking for micro cow dairy and training in vegetable seed growing through the perspective of Biodynamic Agriculture

Climate and Location Description

hHigh plains with sand stone hills surrounding flat prairie land, high water table but dry climate only 12-14 inches of rain per year, 3 miles from town with no public transportation but it is very near town and lots of people are going back and forth to town from the farm. Weather is dramatic with high winds in the spring, possible hail and tornadoes in early summer, lots of sun, dry, temperature in summer can go to 100 plus Fahrenheit and in winter 20 below but mostly it is in the 90’s in summer and down to 0 in winter. It can fluctuate 60 degrees in a 36-48 hour period.

Compensation :

for interns unfamiliar with farming, 2 months training without a stipend and then $175/month (if we have to pay the $225/month to MESA otherwise $400/month beginning with the 3rd month, modest rooms in old farm house, Free, daily food, order from food coop so can make special purchases within reason

Accommodations and amenities provided :

free internet, use of vehicle later if they get a local license, biking is possible, bikes available, housing is with common kitchen and taking turns making meals which also is a learning about the vegetable varieties and how to really integrate with the farm as a human being.

Preferred start date :


Preferred length of internship :

12 months