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1. Learning Objectives #1- Objective:
Learn about the costs that are required for the implementation of organic and fruit crops, referring to the cost-production relationship.

to be able to directly observe the costs required by organic production per acre, investments in seed, organic fertilizers, irrigation system, biological controllers, tools and productivity or profit.
2. Learning Objectives #2- Objective:
Strengthen my skills in the formation of seedbeds and crops, thus improving my experience in this subject.

Continue carrying out germination activities in the seedbed, in order to gain more skill, in addition to knowing germination times.
3. Learning Objectives #3- Objective:
Learn about ecological alternatives to the use of pesticides, as biological controllers, mycorrhizae, among others, learning their use, their cost and their benefit, possibly to bring this market to Colombia.

have access to the costs of organic fertilizers that should be used, its name, its cost and its usefulness during production, plus I would like to know distributors and companies that are responsible for that.
4. Learning Objectives #4- Objective:
Learn about irrigation systems, their cost, their use, viability and duration.

observe the operation of irrigation systems, their cost, and their viability, then.
5. Learning Objectives #5- Objective:
-I would also like to learn about beekeeping, I have always been interested in that topic.

observe and implement techniques that benefit the arrival of pollinators.
[Host Signature] I have reviewed these Learning Objectives with our Steward and agree to help him/her accomplish these objectives while training with our farm/business/organization.Scott Washkowiak