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1. Learning Objectives #1Manage 500 sq ft of growing beds (plan, flat, transplant, harvest and compost) using the Grow Biointensive 60/30/10 rule (growing enough calories and compost crops).
2. Learning Objectives #2Participate in programme at the level of assistant garden manager to gain experience with management of garden planning and personnel, applying my previous management experience to garden projects.
3. Learning Objectives #3Complete requirements to be certified as a Grow Biointensive Teacher.
4. Learning Objectives #4Complete online Agroecology Online Curriculum and supplementary reading to familiarise myself with other farming methods and theories.
5. Learning Objectives #5Apply practical understanding of elements (earth (root); water (leaf); air (flower); fire (seed)) to gardening work. Explore and create an artistic representation of gardening/connection with nature/alchemy to focus an intuitive approach to food raising.
[Host Signature] I have reviewed these Learning Objectives with our Steward and agree to help him/her accomplish these objectives while training with our farm/business/organization.Yes.