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The Natural Grocery Company


MESA Notes – Public

Important Note: This placement is reserved for Steward alum in the Next Level Program.

Website :
Blog, Online Newsletter, etc. :
Public Contact Information:
[email protected]

About the Placement:

Detailed Placement Description

We have a very diverse environment with employees from all age groups, ethnicity’s and
counties. There are social opportunities with staff during lunch and breaks and after training
within the surrounding community. Training may also include educational and cultural
opportunities such as attending trade shows and visiting local farms.

Primary Production :

Agricultural Food Systems (non-farm), Vegetables

About the Internship:

Training Hours:

40 hours/week

Training Expectations :

Steward will receive more in depth explanations on practices and procedures. He/she may also
have the opportunity to attend trade shows.

On-Site Training, Steward’s primary activities :

Sustainable supply chain – retail marketing of non-GMO, mostly organic foodstuffs, prepared foods, and produce, and customer service. Training opportunities vary depending on the specific Training Plan based on the department (example: organic food preparation, organic produce department, etc.)

Climate and Location Description

We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area just east of San Francisco in Berkeley and El
Cerrito. This is an urban area with good access to public transportation and many social and
cultural activities as well as near by farms and dairies.

Compensation :

“employee” discount at our two stores

Accommodations and amenities provided :

Stewards are responsible to find and pay for their own housing, local transportation, and daily food.

Preferred start date :


Preferred length of internship :

6-12 months