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May Ghel

Available beginning in June 2023

[Personal Information]

Age 23 Sex Male
Date of Birth August 16, 1998    
Birthplace city/town Ancash    
Citizen of Peru Resident Country Peru
Email Address [email protected] Passport Name Ghel
I live with my parents Height 1.73 Weight 65
I am currently.. Employed full-time, Part-time student
Main Occupation or Current Field of Study Graduate of Agronomy Engieering
# Years of Experience in above work or study 1
Highest Degree or Certificate Awarded or Expected Bachelor´s in agronomy Engieering
Date Degree/Certificate was Awarded or is Expected March 15, 2022
Highest Level of Education College/University
Highest Degree or Certificate College/University Degree
What is the Title of Your Degree? Bachelor’s
I drink beer/wine/alcohol Infrequently/only on special occassions I smoke never

[Home Address]

Street/Apartment # Prol. Espinar Mz.20 Lt8 – Chimbote Ancash City Chimbote State/Province Santa
Country Peru/Chimbote Postal Code 2801  

[Telephone Number]

Country code PER City code 51 Phone Number 918327217

[Emergency Contact]

Name Jaiver Aparicio Reyes Relationship Brother Phone Number or email 943372904


I have(#of brothers, #of sisters, #of children) I am Single
My health is Excellent. I’ve never had a serious illness or injury.
Describe any recent or chronic illnesses or injuries. If you require ongoing medicines or treatment, please describe.

[English Skills]

My English comprehension and conversational skills are 50% I can have a basic conversation as long as you speak slowly
If you checked 30% or less, how will you improve your English between now and U.S. arrival?
I have received formal English instruction/training (check all that apply): I studied English for one year, I studied English for one year, I studied English for one year, I studied English for one year
Or (check if applicable)… I am self-taught only. I have no formal English study.


[Driving Skill]

I know how to drive a car No
I have a valid home country driver’s license
How many years have you driven cars?
I drive
I have driven cars with
If required for training, I am comfortable driving a car in Both rural areas and major cities

[I have..]

1. I have been arrested No
-If yes, please describe the circumstances
2. I have been denied a visa No
-If yes, please describe the circumstances
3. I have family obligation to send money home No
-If yes, please describe the circumstances
4. I have religious restrictions or observances No
-Please describe your religious restrictions or observance
5. I have dietary requirements/Food restrictions No
-Please describe the food(s) you do not eat
6. I have friends / family in the U.S. No
-Please describe your relationship and where they live
7. My religion is Christian
-Do you want to be placed with a religiously observant Host? No
8. Have you ever lived outside your family home? No
9. Have you ever visited the United States? No
-Please state when, how long and purpose(s).
10. Have you visited any other countries in the last five years? No
-List the countries and purpose of your visit(s)?

[Training Objectives & Availability]

Provide a BRIEF description of your training objectives and the type of placement that you seek (80 words maximum!):

I would like to train in organic production of fruit and vegetable crops. in order to reinforce the knowledge that I have acquired in the university.

US Program I am applying for:
Certificate in Applied Agroecology and Exchange Program (CAAPX) : CAAPX also includes Affiliate program candidates.
I can start anytime within the next
1-12 months
I’m available to participate in US training for a maximum of:
1 year (maximum)
I have already been accepted to train with the following US Host placement ( provide placement name and contact information)


I am clear on my training objectives Yes! I want to be a farmer No
I want a career in agriculture, but not necessarily as a farmer Yes! I like to have clear instructions before doing a task Yes!
I like to take initiative and start new projects Yes! I am flexible and able to adapt to sudden changes Yes!
I enjoy routine and consistency in my schedule Yes I enjoy frequent challenges and new responsibilities Yes!
I ask for help if I don’t understand something Yes! I prefer to follow the lead of others Yes!
I like to offer suggestions and share my opinions Yes! I can do and be satisfied with repetetive tasks Yes!
I welcome critical feedback and use the information to improve myself Yes! I prefer working with others Yes!
I prefer working alone/independently No    
[I am comfortable with…]
People of different religious beliefs Yes Receiving instruction from a female supervisor Yes
Having an un-married couple as my supervisors Yes Sharing a family house with children Yes
Sharing a family house with pets Yes Cooking my own daily meals Yes
Cooking for others once or twice each week Yes Sharing household chores (including cooking) Yes
Living/Training where my native language is not spoken Yes Living/Training in a remote, rural location where the Host family is my primary social group Yes
Living/Training where there is no public transportation Yes Training with farm animals Yes
Living/Training in very rustic living conditions (e.g. uninsulated lodging or tent sleeping, compost toilet, outdoor shower, wood-stove, other) Yes
If you selected “No” for any of the above, please state why you would not be comfortable

[Agricultural Experience]

How many years of agricultural experience do you have?
My hands-on experience in agriculture includes
less than 6 hours of manual labor per day.
I have the following agricultural experience
Academic courses in agriculture, Supervising farm workers, Administrative/office work involving agriculture
List any agriculture courses that you’ve taken

The course that I have taken was, Integrated management of pests, diseases and biostimulation in cultivation of blueberry, avocado and table grape

Any workshops in sustainable, organic or ecological farming? Please describe

I did a workshop on millennial practices through podcasts, as a community project, which was led by members of the global food systems.

[Work Experience]

Job #1

Employer name: Rodolfo Ibáñez

Location: Nepeña/Santa/Perú

Position: Plant health assistant

Title: Exportadora frutícola del Sur S.A

Dates worked : from – to 4/08/2022 – 31/12/2021
Primary work duties

– Preparation of culture media.

– Propagation of plants invitro.

Job #2

Employer Name: María Tapia

Location: Molina/Lima/Perú

Position: Practicing

Title: Biotechnology institute

Dates worked: from – to 20/01/2020 – 20/04/2020
Primary work duties
[Family Farm]
If you grew up on a family farm, what type of farm? No, I have not had the opportunity to have a farm.
If your family has a farm, please describe its products, sales, etc.:
If you help with your family farm, please describe your responsibilities
On my family farm, I work Not Applicable
If you are currently employed, do you plan to return to this same job after MESA? Yes
Please state why or why not

If the company I work for would propose to hire me again due to my professional experience gained in my internship in the USA, I would accept it.

Please describe any volunteer activities or community groups you are affiliated with, if any
Please list the type(s) of farm machinery, tractors and/or vehicles that you’re experienced using
If you have any mechanical repair skills, please describe
Please describe specific agricultural and/or work skills that a prospective Host may like to know

I am a graduate of Agronomy Engineering, with experience in the Plant health area of

Any additional skills or specialties you’d like a prospective Host to know about you?

I cook some Peruvian foods.


[Training Objectives & Preferred Host Placements]

First Choice Tree Fruits
Provide additional examples for your selected choice
Do you have hands-on experience in your 1st choice? Yes
Describe any experience you have in your 1st placement choice

Management of the cultivation of fig, mango and avocado in the phytosanitary area, as well as knowledge in plant nutrition, for one year.

Second Choice Vegetables
Provide additional examples for your selected choice
Do you have hands-on experience in your 2nd choice? Yes
Describe any experience you have in your 2nd placement choice

Knowledge in production and integrated management of pests in asparagus cultivation at the National of Santa University, for one year.

Third Choice Berries
Provide additional examples for your selected choice
Do you have hands-on experience in your 3rd choice? No
Describe any experience you have in your 3rd placement choice
Choose up to 5 other areas of interest that will help MESA match you with your US Host Biological Pest Control, Conversation & habitat restoration, Export Markets, Greenhouses, Organic certification


Applicant Photo
Reference Letter1  
Reference Letter2

Optional files to strengthen your application:

Your Personal statement  
C.V. or Resumé, if you have one

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