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Milagros Lidbet Alcantara Segura

Available beginning in July 2023

Eager to learn technical part, understanding of seasons, urban production of compost

[Personal Information]

Age 29 Sex Female
Date of Birth February 23, 1992    
Birthplace city/town Lima    
Citizen of Peru Resident Country Peru
Email Address [email protected] Passport Name Alcantara Segura
I live with my parents Height 5 ft 4 in Weight 174 pounds
I am currently.. Employed full-time
Main Occupation or Current Field of Study Architect
# Years of Experience in above work or study Five years
Highest Degree or Certificate Awarded or Expected Same as above
Date Degree/Certificate was Awarded or is Expected May 10, 2017
Highest Level of Education College/University
Highest Degree or Certificate College/University Degree
What is the Title of Your Degree? Bachelor’s
I drink beer/wine/alcohol Infrequently/only on special occassions I smoke never

[Home Address]

Street/Apartment # Jirón Los Girasoles 1004 – Urb. Primavera – Los Olivos City Lima State/Province Lima
Country Peru/Lima Postal Code 15302  

[Telephone Number]

Country code 51 City code 1 Phone Number 941801835

[Emergency Contact]

Name Yolanda Segura Relationship Mother Phone Number or email [email protected]


I have(#of brothers, #of sisters, #of children) I am Single
My health is Good. I’ve had minor illnesses or injuries.
Describe any recent or chronic illnesses or injuries. If you require ongoing medicines or treatment, please describe.

I have chondromalacia grade 1 in both of my knees, that’s why I’ve been doing physical therapy and I’ve been putting warm compresses on them, when they hurt a lot.


[English Skills]

My English comprehension and conversational skills are 80% I can have a basic conversation on topics like politics, religion, or the environment
If you checked 30% or less, how will you improve your English between now and U.S. arrival?
I have received formal English instruction/training (check all that apply):
Or (check if applicable)…


[Driving Skill]

I know how to drive a car No
I have a valid home country driver’s license
How many years have you driven cars?
I drive
I have driven cars with
If required for training, I am comfortable driving a car in

[I have..]

1. I have been arrested No
-If yes, please describe the circumstances
2. I have been denied a visa No
-If yes, please describe the circumstances
3. I have family obligation to send money home No
-If yes, please describe the circumstances
4. I have religious restrictions or observances No
-Please describe your religious restrictions or observance
5. I have dietary requirements/Food restrictions Yes
-Please describe the food(s) you do not eat

I am vegetarian.

6. I have friends / family in the U.S. No
-Please describe your relationship and where they live
7. My religion is Catholic
-Do you want to be placed with a religiously observant Host? Doesn’t Matter
8. Have you ever lived outside your family home? Yes
-Where In Germany, back in 2013, for 7 months while I was doing a student-exchange from University
9. Have you ever visited the United States? No
-Please state when, how long and purpose(s).
10. Have you visited any other countries in the last five years? Yes
-List the countries and purpose of your visit(s)?

Chile – Vacations for 2 weeks in 2019


[Training Objectives & Availability]

Provide a BRIEF description of your training objectives and the type of placement that you seek (80 words maximum!):

I would like to learn more about the technique of planting, harvesting and the growth process of plants, flowers or fruit trees. I love to closely observe and monitor the growth of each plant. Also, I would like to learn about crop organization and rotation. If possible, I would also like to be envolved in seed production.

US Program I am applying for:
Certificate in Applied Agroecology and Exchange Program (CAAPX) : CAAPX also includes Affiliate program candidates.
I can start anytime within the next
1-6 months
I’m available to participate in US training for a maximum of:
1 year (maximum)
I have already been accepted to train with the following US Host placement ( provide placement name and contact information)


I am clear on my training objectives Yes! I want to be a farmer Mostly
I want a career in agriculture, but not necessarily as a farmer Yes! I like to have clear instructions before doing a task Yes!
I like to take initiative and start new projects Mostly I am flexible and able to adapt to sudden changes Yes!
I enjoy routine and consistency in my schedule Yes I enjoy frequent challenges and new responsibilities Yes!
I ask for help if I don’t understand something Yes! I prefer to follow the lead of others Yes!
I like to offer suggestions and share my opinions Mostly I can do and be satisfied with repetetive tasks Yes!
I welcome critical feedback and use the information to improve myself Yes! I prefer working with others Yes!
I prefer working alone/independently No    
[I am comfortable with…]
People of different religious beliefs Yes Receiving instruction from a female supervisor Yes
Having an un-married couple as my supervisors Yes Sharing a family house with children Yes
Sharing a family house with pets Yes Cooking my own daily meals No
Cooking for others once or twice each week Yes Sharing household chores (including cooking) Yes
Living/Training where my native language is not spoken Yes Living/Training in a remote, rural location where the Host family is my primary social group Yes
Living/Training where there is no public transportation No Training with farm animals No
Living/Training in very rustic living conditions (e.g. uninsulated lodging or tent sleeping, compost toilet, outdoor shower, wood-stove, other) Yes
If you selected “No” for any of the above, please state why you would not be comfortable

About cooking my own daily meals, I’m still not fully comfortable with being able to cook “good” and tasty meals. Sometimes here at home, I think I don’t know how to organize myself to have enough time to cook for several days a week. Although, I can do my best to organize myself and cook something that I will later enjoy.

About living where there is no public transportation, I think I would end up spending much more money in taxis or private transport than expected. Also, I don’t know how to drive, unless there is a car-sharing with more trainees.

Regarding training with farm animals, I know that they are important for some tasks on farms, I just feel so sad that later they will have to be exploited in some way or another and eventually will complete their life cycle. Other than that, I love the company of animals in general.


[Agricultural Experience]

How many years of agricultural experience do you have?
My hands-on experience in agriculture includes
I have no hands-on farm experience, but a strong desire to learn through practical training.
I have the following agricultural experience
Academic courses in agriculture, Hands on farm labor (e.g. planting, weeding, harvesting, livestock care, etc.)
List any agriculture courses that you’ve taken

– An online course called “Your ideal garden” from the website on Instagram “Cuidar a la tierra”, that means “Take care of the earth”, that is based on 3 online modules : 1. With solid foundations there is no garden that fails, 2. Tools to ensure good harvests and 3. Design your ideal garden.

– An online course about Composting from the website on Instagram “Cuidar a la tierra” (Take carte of the earth)

Any workshops in sustainable, organic or ecological farming? Please describe

– An online workshop “Keys to harvest Efficiency in the market Garden” taught by Jean-Martin Fortier from the Market Gardener. It consisted on 3 lessons: 1st- Why Good harvests techniques matter so much, 2nd- Five principles for efficient harvest and 3rd- Proven harvest techniques for 3 important crops

[Work Experience]

Job #1

National Program of Educative Infrastructure from the Ministry of Education of Peru/Lima-Peru/Assistent for the Furniture and Equipment Management Unit

Dates worked : from – to 2018 – 2021
Primary work duties

-Development of 2D drawings and 3D visualizations for presentation of architecture and interior design projects

Job #2

Blume Luna Architecture Studio/Lima-Peru/Architect assistent

Dates worked: from – to 2017 – 2018
Primary work duties
[Family Farm]
If you grew up on a family farm, what type of farm?
If your family has a farm, please describe its products, sales, etc.:
If you help with your family farm, please describe your responsibilities
On my family farm, I work Not Applicable
If you are currently employed, do you plan to return to this same job after MESA? No
Please state why or why not

My interest since last year has increased more for nature and agroecology, so I would like to return to Peru and look for a job that is oriented to all of that, or even to volunteer in a farm and continue learning new techniques according to the climatic conditions of the town and ancestral wisdom of the community. Also, working in the public sector of Education has taught me a lot in the past three years and now I’d like to put my interest and enthusiasm in new things.

Please describe any volunteer activities or community groups you are affiliated with, if any

I’m part of a local group called “Environmental action network”, where we meet with more than 10 people to create new activities regarding the climate and ecological crisis in Peru. The last activity we participated in was at the global climate strike, in September 24th.

In the period between 2012 and 2015, I was part of the organization “ConstruyeIdentidad” that means “Building identity”, and we did a couple of participative interventions in indigenous communities in Peru. In 2014, we built a school made of wood in the Ashaninka community of Alto Sondoveni, in Junín.

I was also part of the Are of Publications in the development of editorial material and graphic design.

Please list the type(s) of farm machinery, tractors and/or vehicles that you’re experienced using
If you have any mechanical repair skills, please describe
Please describe specific agricultural and/or work skills that a prospective Host may like to know

I have experience seeding, harvesting and collecting seeds.

Any additional skills or specialties you’d like a prospective Host to know about you?

I’m great at taking photographs and doing a record of the plants growth.


[Training Objectives & Preferred Host Placements]

First Choice Vegetables
Provide additional examples for your selected choice
Do you have hands-on experience in your 1st choice? Yes
Describe any experience you have in your 1st placement choice

Since june 2020, in my rooftop I’ve had a raised bed garden with vegetables: tomatoes, potatoes, coriander, parsley, thyme and oregano.

Second Choice Seed production
Provide additional examples for your selected choice
Do you have hands-on experience in your 2nd choice? Yes
Describe any experience you have in your 2nd placement choice

Since March 2021, I’ve been recolecting seeds from some vegetables as basil, coriander, parsley and some other seeds from flowers.

Third Choice Tree Fruits
Provide additional examples for your selected choice
Do you have hands-on experience in your 3rd choice? No
Describe any experience you have in your 3rd placement choice
Choose up to 5 other areas of interest that will help MESA match you with your US Host Compost, Conversation & habitat restoration, Medicinal plants, Seed Farm management, Transitional (conventional>organic) crops


Applicant Photo
Reference Letter1  
Reference Letter2

Optional files to strengthen your application:

Your Personal statement  
C.V. or Resumé, if you have one

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