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Kona Keei Farm

Captain cook, Hawaii
MESA Notes – Public

Educational internship program. Rustic housing w/ partial food. No stipend or wages offered.

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Public Contact Information:
[email protected]

About the Placement:

Detailed Placement Description

Production Acreage : #6
Number of Full-time Employees:2
Number and Type of livestock:
My farm/organization is : Certified Organic
Participation in sales/marketing operations :
Educational Activities : Two (2) sixty (60) minute classes per week (sit down), daily in field discussion/work regarding agronomy/farming, frequent field trips to my clients farms and others
Social Environment: We have frequent dinners at the sea, voyages to explore beaches and swimming during the week. We have a extended family of farmers that we invite to our dinners (and classes) and the students are encouraged to create relationships with other farms and friends as desired

Primary Production :

Tree fruits, coffee, Macadamia nut

About the Internship

Training Hours:

32 hours per week

Training Expectations :

Timeline: Year-round training.
Work/Training requirements : hands-on production experience with our primary crop

On-Site Training, Steward’s primary activities :

Class, transplanting, planting, harvesting, weed management, pest management, irrigation, pruning

Climate and Location Description

Average temperature/Typical weather: sub tropical, 750 feet elevation on leeward side of Hawaii island, 80F daily average, light trade wind, rainfall predominately during summer months, dry winters with average daily temperature in mid 70F.
Proximity to nearest town/city is Captain Cook or Honaunau.
Geographic Location:
Kona keei farm lies at 750 feet above Kealakekua bay (8 minutes by car on slow traffic road) which is a world attraction, historic and national marine preserve offering class 5 water and cultural assets that are rare. This is a traditional farming area with 800 years of history and the our Kona coffee is the oldest food crop produced in the US

Compensation :

no stipend provided., everything grown on the farm: fruits, nuts, eggs, coffee…, Transportation from/to KONA airport and placement, agronomy training, science of farming class, trainee is welcome to all food grown on the farm

Accommodations and amenities provided :

bungalow, shared with other interns/stewards. Bedroom is shared, Bathroom is shared. It is described as rustic and may have outdoor shower and/or toilet.
Housing is on-site.
Free, daily internet on-site, Easy access to public transportation on days off, Free, seasonal farm products. Example:banana, papaya, garden greens, breadfruit, taro, macadamia nuts, citrus, coffee, pineapple, rollinia…

Preferred start date :


Preferred length of internship :