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Solidarity Farm

Pauma Valley, California
MESA Notes – Public

This Host Site qualifies for SPRIG-project support. SPRIGs are MESA-funded grants offered to certain US Hosts to encourage Host/Steward collaboration and innovation. Stewards may be expected to collaborate with their Host mentor(s) to design an on-site project to help fulfill MESA’s Host grant requirement.

Website :
Blog, Online Newsletter, etc. :
Public Contact Information:
[email protected]

About the Placement:

Detailed Placement Description

Production Acreage : #10
Number of Full-time Employees: 3
Number and Type of livestock: 300+ chickens (goats, pigs, turkeys for homestead)
My farm/organization is : We are in the process of becoming peer-certified “ethically grown” by the San Diego Small Farm Alliance.
Social Environment:
We are a worker-owned cooperative that operates like a family farm. We all live on site and work, eat and live together! It’s a lot of fun…but requires a person who knows how to take their own space when they need it. We are very flexible in how folks structure their time, but have high expectations when it comes to getting the job done well.

Primary Production :

Berries, Dairy, Herbs, Poultry, Vegetables

About the Internship

Training Hours:

40 hours / week

Training Expectations :

Timeline: We offer Year-round training.
Work/Training requirements : Have experience working/living/volunteering in horizontally organized group(s) and is committed to equity in relationships with co-workers.
We are hard working and fun loving folks. Please bring a good attitude, a willingness to give and receive feedback, and an appreciation for the resources we share together on this farm.

On-Site Training, Steward’s primary activities :

Co-designing and implementing soil fertility and pollinator plan for the farm; planting, weeding, and harvesting crops for market; managing irrigation and watering; participating in greenhouse management.

Climate and Location Description

Pauma Valley is gorgeous. We look up at Palomar Mountain and pine tree hiking is only 20 minutes away. A trip to closest SoCal beach takes 45 minutes by car and downtown San Diego is accessible via public transit or by jumping in the delivery vehicle which heads to SD on Thursdays and some weekends.

Compensation :

Shared space in a farm house., Free, daily food, Health insurance

Accommodations and amenities provided :

Accommodations :
Private or shared room (depends on number of MESA stewards placed with us) with shared bathroom/kitchen.

Preferred start date :


Preferred length of internship :

3-12 months