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Lotus Farm

Kapaau, Hawaii
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About the Placement:

Detailed Placement Description

My wife and I have been business partners for many many years. We have always made our business decisions together and have tried to have the highest moral responsibility in everything that we do. We are Environmental stewards and advocate for good health through eating organic and healthy food.
My wife grew up in rural Thailand and has been growing food for 40 years. I grew up in New York City graduated college and decided after graduating college that I wanted to spend my life growing food and operating my own Farm. I met my wife in Thailand and after she moved to Hawaii we operated a successful restaurant for many years supplying the restaurant with food we grew.
The key to successful farming is making good business decisions and developing good communication skills. It’s not enough to just work hard on your farm. it’s much more than working hard on the farm. With the proper training working with us,, you can learn the technologies and the skills required to be successful in farming .
Our farm is located 150 m above sea level,, at a very comfortable place on the north side of the island cooled by tropical breezes almost year-round. we have two acres under cultivation including an orchard of mangoes limes and avocados, plus two greenhouses of vegetables, a large area of vegetable beds, and nearly 100 ducks and chickens we raise for eggs and compost. Harvest and sell most of our produce at the we do a weekly Farmers Market where our intern may come along to meet people in the community. We also participate in an online food hub and deliver there once a week.
Our farm aims to be very flexible trying new crops and new production methods to maintain our supply of product to our customers who demand high quality. We have a reputation for the highest quality produce of any farm in this area. We currently grow about 20 different vegetables with the goal of maximizing the yield per square foot while minimizing the labor involved . We work efficiently and our intern will surely learn this skill working with us.. in addition,, we will discuss many farm management issues with the I tern so they can develop skills in this area. I have a degree as a professional accountant and our intern will have the chance to learn our easy farm operations and financial record keeping system.
My wife and I used to own a restaurant and have experience with value-added products and hope to soon be producing sauces, juices and gelato.
Our intern is invited to share lunch and dinnerwith my wife and I. My wife is a professional cook having 15 years experience cooking in a very successful restaurant. Whomever gets to live in work with us will surely appreciate her talents in the kitchen. About 80% of what we eat comes direct from the farm so it is the highest nutritional value and always delicious.
We are located in an area not far from beautiful beaches hiking trails and places to bicycle. We normally go fishing at least once a week and the intern is more than welcome to come with us for the outing which always involves a day-long party and barbecue before ending with sunset.
We have good relationships with other nearby Farms.
Hawaii is a very beautiful place; the large number of tourists that come here because of its beauty attest to its magnificence, cleanliness and ideal climate. One of the nicest 0laces in the world.
We will treat our intern as a member of the family, not just as a worker. We will look out for our interns happiness and well-being at all times. Th+e experience you gained from working with us will carry you forward and contribute to your success as a farmer and a happy person in your life ahead after leaving us.

Primary Production :

Flowers, Herbs, Poultry, Vegetables

About the Internship

Training Hours:


Training Expectations :

our work on our farm will include planting seeds transplanting plants fertilizing and improving the soil weeding maintaining our drip irrigation system and harvesting produce

On-Site Training, Steward’s primary activities :

our work on our farm will include planting seeds transplanting plants fertilizing and improving the soil weeding maintaining our drip irrigation system and harvesting produce

Climate and Location Description

Tropical climate. Almost always sunny with mild breezes.

Compensation :

$800/month, nice trailer with bathroom toilet sink refrigerator and covered de k, Free, daily food, can join hosts for lunch and dinner, I will enroll Steward for Health insurance*

Accommodations and amenities provided :

Trailer is clean and very comfortable.
Shaded from sun and very private.

Preferred start date :


Preferred length of internship :

12 months