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IDEP Foundation

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About the Placement:

Detailed Placement Description

IDEP Foundation is a local organisation based in Bali, but have an extensive program spacial range across Indonesia. Focusing on implementing the practice of permaculture to protect the earth, mostly IDEP program is about replicating the process of seed saving, sustainable energy, sustainable production, and disaster preparedness. Broad knowledge about preserving local wisdom, food justice, and implementing social permaculture will become the main studies Stewards will learn from IDEP. Also managing circular economy and seeds business management within Bali to ensure the charitable profits will go to the farmers and their developmental evaluation.

Primary Production :

Vegetables, Herbs

About the Internship

Training Hours:

Tropical climate in Bali provides only two seasons: rainy and dry – for IDEP seed farmers and seed production the number of productivity is limitless, whilst to sustain seeds production for particular type of plan rather difficult. Interning/learning for at least six months will help Stewards to understand the cycle and seeds productions at least for 3 days a week full time to maintain seed garden in the morning and afternoon. With the chance of field visit and direct accompaniment to seed farmers for hands-on community development work.

Training Expectations :

With IDEP it’s all about learning process – work and training at the same time, thus, Stewards will have hands-on experience in managing seed garden and seed bank, along with seed business as well. By join IDEP’s organisational official working time, 9 – 5, Stewards can start early to maintain the garden, check on nurseries, then running quality control (germination test, heat treatement, storing, etc), packaging, distribution, and managing eco-business relation. Garden Day every Friday is mandatory since it’s an open opportunity for public to get together. IDEP implements 5 working days a week that Stewards may choose to work at least 3 days a week. Supervision provided by IDEP field staffs and seed business manager.

On-Site Training, Steward’s primary activities :

Stewards will learn more about seed saving with permaculture approach. During Stewards’ interning/training period, the activity will be 85% hands-on learning and practice on demosite, 10% modular mentorship, and 5% field visit that all are related to seed saving and local plants preservation project.

Climate and Location Description

Bali, Indonesia is a tropical island which known as ‘Island of Paradise’ – popular holiday destination in Indonesia, while hosting abundant traditional cultures and local wisdoms, as well as a global hub for people to visit and to work at. IDEP Foundation’s seed saving garden is located in Gianyar District, in a rural district of Kemenuh Village (55 minutes from Denpasar, Capital Town of Bali). However, IDEP Foundation is listed in Google Maps, and there are plenty of public transport options that The Stewards can use (various types from general public transport – i.e public bus, taxi, minibus – to online transport). There are plenty of local accommodations services scaterred around the neighborhood with affordable cost range. Wandering around will be easy and there are plenty of food stalls around. Furthermore, Bali’s traditional village like Kemenuh has a very distinctive hospitatily experience, people are so welcoming and it is safe to wandering around.

Compensation :

Free housing not available, but have or can help find affordable housing.

Accommodations and amenities provided :

IDEP Foundation’s office is a small wooden building in the middle of Kemenuh Village, unfortunately, IDEP is not able to provide accommodation due to limited space. Altough, accommodation business in Kemenuh Village is very lucrative, thus, it will be very easy to find affordable accommodation

Preferred start date :


Preferred length of internship :

6 months