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peacock hill farm

wallkill, New York
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About the Placement:

Detailed Placement Description

our farm is different, we raise multiple breeds of heritage pork. our main customers are homesteaders in which people want the best of the best without antibiotics, steroids or gmo feeds. our main breed of pigs are the mangalitsa’s in which every part of the pig is used. it is known as the kobe of pork with red meat. the fat is rendered and used to make the flakiest pasteries. sales of piglets average about $800 a piglet for breeding stock. we have also taken the line of meishan pigs. the are a rare pig from china which was studied in the us for the last 20 years by iowa university and the usda. this breed has just recently been made available to the general public for breeding. this breed of pig is very unique as is has litters of 16 piglets and it can sexually mature at 90 days of age. learning about the breed would be a great benefit for an intern coming from a country that has difficulties feeding it’s population. our farm practices are sustainable and all natural without the use of antibiotics or steroids. we also pride ourselves on the ability to repurpose items that would be going to the landfill and build a future us for items as such.

Primary Production :

Vegetables, Herbs, Sheep, Pork, Poultry

About the Internship

Training Hours:

40 hours , per week in all aspects of farming and animal husbandry ,also site slaughtering

Training Expectations :

work with on site training , with supervision has needed

On-Site Training, Steward’s primary activities :

pasture rotation for pigs on grazing lands and wood lots with continuous planting for re-grazing and land rotation. 480a forestry requirement for healthy forest such as culling trees, thinning as well inoculating logs for mushroom harvest. Pasture raised chicken and turkeys with composting in which all the rations come from the land without much grain. Animal husbandry and breeding programs.

Climate and Location Description

spring, summer, fall, winter climate. some snow December thru march. April thru june average around 70-75 degrees, june – august average 85 degrees highs of 100, September thru November 50-60 average temp. located 45 minutes from NYC, bus and train access into the city from our township. 4 miles from the newburgh water front , Hudson river. many restaurants and night clubs . boating, kayaking, jet skis. 20 minutes from us military academy, 4 miles to malls, shopping centers, theaters. 12 miles to suny new paltz college. new paltz is a beautiful little trendy safe town with abundant night life

Compensation :

600.00 per month, intern will there travel trailer to live in, Free, daily food

Accommodations and amenities provided :

travel trailer, stove, toilet, shower, hot water, all the food they can eat produced on the farm. meat, eggs, vegtables. pond on the farm for fishing. lots of woods for hiking and exploring.

Preferred start date :


Preferred length of internship :