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Red Earth Farm

Kempton, Pennsylvania
MESA Notes – Public
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Public Contact Information:
[email protected]

About the Placement:

Detailed Placement Description

We work together as a team on all aspects of the farm. The supervisors work directly with the crew to assure safety, quality and efficiency.

Primary Production :

Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, Berries

About the Internship

Training Hours:

we average 45 hours per week and work mon-fri. We will work 6 days a week on occasion if we are behind or the timing of the crop requires it. This would obviously increase hours for that week.

Training Expectations :

We will provide training that would cover the expectations of the farm and the positions they would be in. We would also encourage any input from our stewards on what we can do to make this most successful for them as well.

On-Site Training, Steward’s primary activities :

Field/tractor/irrigation/nursery and pack house duties. We would place the stewards according to strengths, but would also encourage rotation to expand on experience and promote team work.

Climate and Location Description

Typical weather would be cool mornings to warm afternoons to cool evenings in early spring.
Warm to hot/ humid in summer months
Rural setting, not easy access to public transportation. We could provide transportation to local bus/train stations to get to some of the nearby cities. We are close to Philadelphia and New York City.

Compensation :

10-13, Free housing not available, but have or can help find affordable housing., Free, daily food

Accommodations and amenities provided :

We will start looking for housing immediately. We can provide transportation to and from the farm and are interested in taking our stewards on occasional weekend activities. There is free wifi and computer access on the farm and they would be able to take all the fresh veggies they wanted daily.

Preferred start date :

April 10

Preferred length of internship :

7 month