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1. Learning Objectives #1Objective: Learn various types of organic crop production methods.
Activity:Do research, learn procedure and try on my own while keeping records of my failures and successes.
2. Learning Objectives #2Objective: Learn how organic farming and sustainable farming differ.
Activity: Do research and observe different product from both farming practices.
3. Learning Objectives #3Objective: Learn the processes of organic dairy products.
Activity: Observe the processes and learn to prepare them on my own
4. Learning Objectives #4Objective: Drafting an agricultural business plan
Activity: Research, determine the purpose and learn about different strategic marketing plans.
5. Learning Objectives #5. Learn how to create herdshare.
Activity: Write a report on how it works.
[Host Signature] I have reviewed these Learning Objectives with our Steward and agree to help him/her accomplish these objectives while training with our farm/business/organization.christinedeck