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1. Learning Objectives #1learning how to feed the soil (soil fertilization) using the natural organic materials available on the farm such as compost manure that is extracted from animal droppings and decayed plant materials on the farm.This will require my full participation and attention in the process because my interest is in knowing the whole process so that I can be able to replicate the same process at my farm.I gather its low cost method of soil fertilization and carries no side effects to the soil in the long run.
2. Learning Objectives #2Am also looking at seeding and planting process in this first phrase at the farm.I want to fully participate in this process,from the nursery bed(green house) to the prepared bed or garden where the planting takes place.This will give the skill on how to space the seedlings and other precautionary processes on how to handle the seedlings before planting.
3. Learning Objectives #3Am also looking at how the farm manages to prevent pest and diseases from attacking crops and animals using the natural methods that are friendly to the environment.
4. Learning Objectives #4Am also interested about the farm irrigation system,the lay out and repairing.In future I hope to adopt the similar kind of irrigation system.
5. Learning Objectives #5Am also looking at the post harvest and marketing strategies for the produce at the farm.
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