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1. Learning Objectives #1Learn how to transplant seedlings from greenhouse to field at 90% success rate
2. Learning Objectives #2Learn a lot about raising animals like goats, pigs and egg and meat layers and increase production and/or efficiency by 10%.
3. Learning Objectives #3Learn more about the techniques of agroecology in rural life and sustainable development by completing 100% of assignments on time.
4. Learning Objectives #4Learn to plan, prepare, and pack diversified product line for CSA delivery and farmers' market with equal efficiency to my hosts.
5. Learning Objectives #5Learn to manage and apply on farm compost and improve soil microbiology to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and maintain independence.
[Host Signature] I have reviewed these Learning Objectives with our Steward and agree to help him/her accomplish these objectives while training with our farm/business/organization.Ellee Igoe