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1. Learning Objectives #1Learn about different irrigation set-ups available and factors to be considered when setting up irrigation system on a farm. The pump types, drip holes types.
Activity-To study the already existing irrigation set-up in the farm and ask managers
of the farm questions regarding their irrigation system.
Activity 2- To help set up new irrigation lines on the farm.
2. Learning Objectives #2Learn about how to raise strong and healthy seedlings using nursery trays and how to minimize transplanting shock of transplants.
Activity: I will pay close attention to managers of the farm during such activity and ask questions regarding the aforementioned and also to involve myself in seeding and transplanting.
3. Learning Objectives #3Learn the best way of making compost to ensure weed seeds in compost are killed and how to ensure good carbon-nitrogen ratio of a matured compost. To learn the techniques behind preparing compost, so that it gets matured depending on the period it is needed for application. Learn how to use the tractor to mix compost.
Activity: Attend a workshop on the farm which discussed best methods of composting. To ask the operators of the tractor questions and also get involve in the activity myself.
4. Learning Objectives #4To learn about the techniques involved in the creation of market for produce as a farmer. To further learn about the alternative crop storage facilities available if any.
Activity: Ask mangers/owners questions with regards to marketing strategies and also spend sometime with them during market days to study how to communicate with customers and how farmers markets here operate, and to see how applicable it will be back in my home country.
5. Learning Objectives #5Learn how to farm in harmony with nature. Also to learn more about crop integration, and various forms of crop association, rotations and how to increase biodiversity in a farm. To also learn about the techniques of pest control, weed control and techniques of suppressing weed seeds in the soil.
Also to learn about the concept, principles and practices of NO-TILL.
Activity: To farm with Singing Frogs family to learn and understand their methods.
Back home in my organization at The Howard G Buffet's Center For No-till Agriculture (HGB-CNTA), we always tell farmers " To open their eyes widely when on the farm to see, to open their mouth to ask questions and also to get involved in all activities carried out on the farm". I believe I must now commit myself to these words here during my training at Singing Frogs Farm.
[Host Signature] I have reviewed these Learning Objectives with our Steward and agree to help him/her accomplish these objectives while training with our farm/business/organization.Paul Kaiser