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1. Learning Objectives #1- Objective: Orienting myself with Tequio Farm's location, site, farming principles and practices and schedule.
- Activity: Touring the farm, Ridgewood Ranch and attending the farmers market. Joining in on and participating in weekly and daily meetings.
2. Learning Objectives #2- Objective: To learn the management style of Tequio Farm and to understand how the keep and record data.
- Activity: Be a part of weekly and daily meetings. Attending a course taught by Hunter and Isa on record keeping and financial planning on the farm. Beginning to create my own business and garden plan for when I return to Kenya.
3. Learning Objectives #3- Objective: To learn about integrated pest management systems on the farm and how I can apply my knowledge of crop protection and plant nutrition to the farm's existing system.
- Activity: Doing daily walk through of the garden to identify pests and disease issues to come up with a strategy to minimize pest and disease damage.
4. Learning Objectives #4- Objective: To gain a better understanding of how to market my produce and to create value added products.
- Activity: Play a key role in the processing of all food from the garden. Attend farmer's markets on a weekly basis to understand booth display and selling to customers. Attend a class on processing and canning our produce so that it can be stored and sold in the off season.
5. Learning Objectives #5- Objective: To better understand the tools and equipment that are used on the farm to prepare beds, seed, transplant, trellis and protect the crops.
- Activity: Talking through the processes with Hunter and Isa and then trying them for my self with their help and guidance. We have been using three different seeders to plant crops. We use a plastic mulch layer to cover beds and we prune and trellis greenhouse crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers in a lower and lean system.
[Host Signature] I have reviewed these Learning Objectives with our Steward and agree to help him/her accomplish these objectives while training with our farm/business/organization.Hunter Flynn