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Lunga Phewa

Your NameLunga Phewa
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1. Learning Objectives #1Objective: Learn how to formulate a management plan for pastured - chicken.
Activity: learn from my host's farm, and research other methods
2. Learning Objectives #2Objective: Learn the breeding of pigs, rearing, and weaning
Activity:Learn from my host's farm, and research more
3. Learning Objectives #3Objective: Learn the skill and method of marketing farm produce to various markets.
Activity: Learn from the markets the farm is involved in, and see how they do it and how it can be improved
4. Learning Objectives #4Objective: Improve my dairy farming skills which i haven't practiced in a long time.
Activity: read more new techniques to make dairy farming less hard work and time-consuming
5. Learning Objectives #5Objective: Learn to farm the organic way and also get more skilled with the tractor and all implements.
Activity: Learn from my host's farm and neighbouring farms
[Host Signature] I have reviewed these Learning Objectives with our Steward and agree to help him/her accomplish these objectives while training with our farm/business/organization.Lunga is a bright and intelligent humbled young man with a very promising future as a farmer, and myself Ken and my wife Susan we will do all we can to help him successfully get all the skills he requires to steer him to the perfect direction of his career.