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karina Morocho

User IDkarinamorocho
Namekarina Morocho
Host and/or Supervisor NameKen Muller
I am satisfied with my placement site5
I am starting to meet training objectives4
I am learning new skills4
Building on my existing skills4
I am clear about my responsibilities as a Steward5
I am clear about my J-1 visa obligations5
I am clear about contacting MESA first if I need to use my medical insurance5
I am clear about the reports I send MESA5
i am happy with my living situation5
I am receiving the stipend I agreed to5
I am training the hours I expected5
I am not having problems with my English4
I am not feeling homesick!4
Meets all my expectations5
Had a good arrival and/or Skype orientation5
Answers my questions clearly5
Is giving me the help I need to get started5
Is well organized5
Administers a high quality program5
Understands his/her role as a Host5
Understands why I came to the USA5
Knows my personal training objectives5
Gaves me a good orientation for my placement5
Gives me a good introduction to other interns/staff/employees5
Clearly explained my training schedule5
Is a good trainer/mentor5
Involves me in a diversity of activities5
Gives me responsibility5
Respects my opinion5
Has good communication skills5
Has a well run business5
Is safety conscious5
Provides good working conditions5
Provides personal protective equipment5
Maintains machinery in good condition5
Maintains buildings and work areas well5
Has helped me get settled in5
Helped me integrate into the community5
Is interested in my culture5
Was the MESA information you received in your home country clear? Was the description of your training site accurate? What more would you have liked MESA to send you before you left you home country?yes
The description and information that MESA, I provided about Pasture 42 was adequate and complied with all the agreed conditions.
If you worked with a Program Representative in your home country, was he/she helpful? Is there anything more the Representative could have done to help you complete your application or to better understand MESA's program?The orientation about the MESA program was very useful and clear.
Any problems with housing, electricity, heat, phone, driver's license, bank account, transportation? Other problems?No Problem.
Describe the training you have received since getting to your placement site. What have you learned so far? Have you attended any special training, workshops, conferences, classes, etc.?From the day I arrived in Pasture 42, my host and the farm staff gave me instructions on how to develop the different activities of the farm in the first 2 weeks of observation and improvement of the work area.
  Instructions on how to use machineries and working tools, hours of work detail of the activities that are my responsibility.
In the following four weeks I have already performed my activities with the supervision of my host, I have been in charge of the milking area, feeding the hens, collecting and cleaning the eggs, labeling and packaging of olive oil.
Have you been involved in an cultural activities since your arrival? (examples : farmers' workshop, library event, soccer games, family activities, etc)I was able to take part in the FULL BELLY farm exhibition held on October 6 of each year
I visited the Library.
Any suggestions to improve MESA's program?No
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