Steward Learning Objectives

Please complete the form below with your learning objectives for your time with your current host

Steward Learning Objectives

Top Five Learning Objectives

After you have had the chance to talk to your Host, review your Training Plan and observe your placement site, describe a minimum of 5 objectives (goals) that you particularly want to learn at this placement in the space below. These are probably more detailed than your training plan objectives, and will reveal special interests you have. For each objective, list activities you can do to learn and accomplish this goal.
For example
- Objective: Learn how to transplant seedlings from greenhouse to field at a 90% success rate.
- Activity: Observe procedure, then try on my own with supervision and keep records to track my success rate.

When completed, have your host sign the bottom of this form and then email it to MESA, Inc. with the Competency Evaluation.