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Rubila Raquel Clemente Monago

Status: Available

Basic Information

Date of Birth: 09/17/1992

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Relationship Status: Single

Number of Brothers, Sisters, and Children:

Height & Weight: 1.56 m 52 kg

I drink: Infrequently/only on special occassions

I smoke: never

Current Health: Excellent. I’ve never had a serious illness or injury.

Additional information related to illness, injuries, and medications:

I have gastritis and I try to eat at strict times.

Education and Experience

Currently: Working on a farm – Part-time

Main Occupation or Field of Study: agricultural engineering Student and agroecological designer

Years in Occupation or Field of Study: 5

Highest Degree (Awarded or Expected): Bachelor Degree in Agriculture Engineer on 08/31/2022

Highest Education Level: College/University

Highest Degree or Certificate: Secondary School Diploma in 


Contact Information

Home Address

Calle Huancayo N° 383, distrito de Quilcas

Huancayo, Junín



Phone: Perú 51 981412044

Email: [email protected]

Emergency Contact: Jovino Pablo Clemente Gaspar (father) 949622778

English Proficiency

Comprehension and Conversation: 50% I can have a basic conversation as long as you speak slowly

English Instruction Received: I am self-taught only. I have no formal English study.

Driving Experience

Can Drive: Yes

Years Driving:


Transmission Type: 

Valid License in Home Country: No

Background and Personal Information

Religion: No religion

Placement with Religiously Observant Host: Doesn’t Matter

Experience Living Outside Family Home: Lima

Past Visit(s) to United States: None

Visit(s) to Other Countries in Past Five Years: None

Training Objectives and Availability

US Program Applying For: Sustinable Agriculture and Global Exchange (SAGE): First-time participants

Can Start Anytime Within the Next: 1-3 months

Available to Participate for a Maximum Of: 1 year (maximum)

Briefly describe the type of placement you seek (examples: organic vegetable farm production and marketing, sustainable product sales, biodynamic dairy, small-scale diversified crops, etc.), and also describe your hands-on experience, if any, in your desired placement:

I hope to learn and put into practice the Knowledge that I received at the university about agroecology, I would like to work in seed saving,for it is great global impact that it has to conserve seeds that are fundamental for the preservation of a plant species and also ensures the feeding of new generations. If we work more it and innovate ti could be our global dispensation.


I am clear on my training objectives: Yes!
I want a career in agriculture, but not necessarily as a farmer: Yes!
I like to take initiative and start new projects: Yes!
I enjoy routine and consistency in my schedule: Yes
I ask for help if I don’t understand something: Yes!
I like to offer suggestions and share my opinions: Yes!
I welcome critical feedback and use the information to improve myself: Yes!
I prefer working alone/independently: No

I want to be a farmer: No
I like to have clear instructions before doing a task: Yes!
I am flexible and able to adapt to sudden changes: Yes!
I enjoy frequent challenges and new responsibilities: Yes!
I prefer to follow the lead of others: Mostly
I can do and be satisfied with repetitive tasks: Yes!
I prefer working with others: Yes!

Comfortable With…

People of different religious beliefs: Yes
Having an un-married couple as my supervisors: Yes
Sharing a family house with pets: Yes
Cooking for others once or twice each week: Yes 
Living/Training where my native language is not spoken: Yes 
Living/Training where there is no public transportation: Yes 
Living/Training in very rustic living conditions (e.g. uninsulated lodging or tent sleeping, compost toilet, outdoor shower, wood-stove, other): Yes

If you selected “No” for any of the above, please state why you would not be comfortable:

Receiving instruction from a female supervisor: Yes
Sharing a family house with children: Yes
Cooking my own daily meals: Yes
Sharing household chores (including cooking): Yes
Living/Training in a remote, rural location where the Host family is my primary social group: Yes
Training with farm animals: Yes

Agricultural Experience

Years of Agricultural Experience: 6-10

Hands-on Experience Includes: more than 6 hours of manual labor per day. Academic courses in agriculture, Supervising farm workers, Hands on farm labor (e.g. planting, weeding, harvesting, livestock care, etc.)


Agriculture Courses Taken:

Soil and plant foundation and Agroecology at FAO.

Workshops Taken in Organic, Sustainable, or Ecological Farming:

I did adult training on urban gardens ( Teach us to make compost,bio water filters and we grow peas,onion,potato,tomato,lettuce,cilantro,ect), I designed competitive projects for the installation of family gardens for resident of Lima and In the Province the Huanuco-Peru we advised a community on the installation of rural gardens.

Employment and Experience

Job #1:

Advises on the installato of rural gardens.

Dates: 11/01/2019 – Currently

Primary Responsibilities:

-Type of direct and indirect sowing.

-Bio water filters for your crops.

-Field visit to verify what has been learned.

-This work was voluntary without pay.

-I help my mother in the production

and sale of plants and seeds.

Job #2:

-Trainer of rural bio gardens .

-Temporary job at my mother’s nursery

Dates: 03/18/2021 – 05/06/2021

Primary Responsibilities:

-Cultivation of ornamental flowers and aromatic herbs

If you are currently employed, do you plan to return to this same job after MESA?: Yes

Please state why or why not:

yes, Because it is pleasant and calm.


Family Farm: I t was a farm that proces on a small scale and for it is own consumption..

Family Farm Products and Sales:

All kinds of vegetables,tubers,cereales and some fruits, flowers and trees.

Family Farm Responsibilities:

-Work in the field.

-Farm management.

-Ideas to improve and things.

-Buy and sell.

Family Farm Work: Part Time


Volunteer Activities and Community Groups:

-I am representative of a youth ENVERDURATE that defends and work in agroecology and organic gardens.Some of these consulting jobs are paid and others are voluntary.

Farm Machinery, Tractors, and/or Vehicles: 

Tractors,rototillers, trucks and harvesters.

Mechanical Repair Skills:

-In the university I took the course of engines and tractors,agricultural machinery and I know the mechanical parts of agricultural machinery.

Other Specific Work Skills: 

-Since I was 5 years old, I have helped my parents and grandparents who were farmers in the fields, they plant:potatoes,corn,peas,quinoa,wheat and barley. Also grow our own vegetables.

-I know all the work processes that these crops require experimentally and also theoretically because I studied them at university.

-I also have experience selling the crops we produce since we sell them at organic farming fairs.
-I have experience in transplanting and propagation of plants such as: flowers, bananas and forest trees.

Additional Skills and Specialities: 

-I do installation of irrigation,electrical installations and I can repair a machine.

-I have the ability to convince people.

-I am honest and loyal to people.

Training Objectives and Preferred Host Placements

Main Training Interests:

-I do installation of irrigation,electrical installations and I can repair a machine.

-I have the ability to convince people.

-I am honest and loyal to people.


First Choice: Diversified Farm Production models

Additional Examples for First Choice:

Hands-on Experience in First Choice?: Yes

Other Experience in First Placement Choice: 

In the 25 years that I helped my parents in the farm, I learned to select the seeds for their later sowing and sale.


Second Choice: Nursery/Green house

Additional Examples for Second Choice:

Hands-on Experience in Second Choice?: Yes

Other Experience in Second Placement Choice:

-All my life I have grown own food.
-Carry out a project in the management of controlled environments and nurseries.


Third Choice: Landscaping/Gardening

Additional Examples for Third Choice:

Hands-on Experience in Third Choice?: Yes

Other Experience in Third Placement Choice:

-My family has a flower nursery and we do landscaping and garden design.

Choose up to 5 other areas of interest that will help MESA match you with your US Host: Biodiversity, Conversation & habitat restoration, Irrigation, Urban agriculture, Seed Farm management