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Giving Ground Farm

Grown in southern Idaho our seed varieties are selected to yield abundantly even in short seasons, and to provide fresh garden eating year long. Here, challenging conditions are a given so our seeds naturally come with a wind-swept seal of approval.

Pocatello Idaho United States
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About the Farm:

We are a small family farm run by Julie Sheen and Tyler Pratt. We grow organic seeds, produce, and flowers just north of Pocatello in fertile Snake River valley soil. By using natural methods of pest control including row cover and diverse plantings, we keep our produce chemical-free. We strive to steward an agricultural-ecosystem on our farm, encouraging predators of pest insects through habitat which attracts them.

Seeds are sold at market and online, and we specialize in year round abundance in short season climates. All varieties are grown on our farm and are adapted to mature in short seasons, store well, or have some amount of frost tolerance.

Soil fertility is provided by composted plant material and composted manure from our animals, and organic nutrient and mineral amendments we mix ourselves. Minimal tillage and a winter cover-cropping program help us maintain our soil's natural excellent tilth. Animals are a necessary part of our sustainable farm system. We raise grass-fed beef, dairy goats, chickens, and honeybees. We love growing food and helping grow local sustainable food systems! Julie has an M.S. Ed in Sustainability Education from Portland State University and a diverse background working with people of all ages in agricultural education.

Seed Crops Grown :
Cabbage, celeriac, onions, leeks, carrots, beets, Beans, peas, flowers, herbs, Tomatoes, eggplant, squash, melons, Western native flowers, cut-flowers
Other Crops :
Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, Berries, Tree crops, Cattle, Poultry, Bees/Honey, Dairy goats
Other Farm Activities :
Composting, Farmers market, Farm carpentry, Greenhouse management, Meat slaughter/processing

About the Internship

Accepting Interns
General Expectations and work flow :

Internship hours per week and schedule could be flexible based on the schedule of the intern, with the ideal being somewhere between 5-20 hours/week. Interns would need to have their own transportation to the farm. Internship season would begin in April or May and end between August and November depending on the interest of the intern. While many tasks would be highly educational in the, some would be mundane and difficult such as weeding and hauling compost.

On-farm training :

Greenhouse management, mixed vegetable, flower, and herb growing systems, growing intermountain western native plants, IPM pest control methods, weed management, fruit tree cultivation, pasture management, pasture poultry growth and butchering, dairy goats, and beekeeping. Seed growing, plant breeding, seed cleaning, packaging, and marketing.

Compensation, Accommodations and amenities provided :

This internship would be ideal for someone who already resides in the SE Idaho area as we do not have on-farm accomodations. Interns would be provided with fresh vegetables, grass-fed beef and goat meat, and hourly pay of $10/hour.

Preferred start date :
May 1, 2019
Preferred length of internship :
5-9 months month
Willing to host a spanish speaking intern? :
Yes  - Tyler is fluent in Spanish, and Julie can speak and understand at a basic level.