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Farming Hope edible urban gardens

Farming Hope is looking for individuals in the Bay Area who are transitioning out of homelessness to work in our urban edible gardens, with the possibility of conducting his/her own urban ag project that aligns with our mission!

East Palo Alto California United States
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Garden Coordinator - Asha (

About the Farm:

Farming Hope is involved in various urban gardens in San Francisco, California. Our mission is to empower individuals transitioning out of homelessness through employment opportunities in urban agriculture and catering work. That being said, the city of San Francisco is full of microclimates. For example, we’ve noticed that our rooftop garden in the Tenderloin District receives more sun than our Western Addition garden. But all in all, San Francisco has a Mediterranean climate so fortunately this means that we are able to grow quite a bit and (for the most part) grow all year round too!

At the moment, we are primarily growing leafy greens (ex. collard greens, tree collards, dino kale) and culinary herbs (ex. Cilantro, parsley, rosemary, oregano, thyme, lemon balm, shiso, lemon verbena). We cook with these plants in our catering work and pop up dinners.

Seed Crops Grown :
Other Crops :
Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, Berries, Tree crops
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About the Internship

Accepting Interns
General Expectations and work flow :

Garden workday shifts are usually 2 hours long. At the moment we have 3 workday shifts per week. In the spring of 2018 we will likely have more hours available to work. Interns can use whatever mode of transportation he/she prefers. The intern will have to fund his/her own transportation. There is great public transportation in the Bay Area. And the gardens are very central and quite easy to walk or bike to.

On-farm training :

And the gardens are very central and quite easy to walk or bike to.
Interns can expect to learn how to build and maintain edible urban gardens. Skills may include (but are not limited to) how to plant various seeds and transplants, how to remove pests (organic pesticides and integrated pest management methods), how to water, how to create and maintain healthy soil, how to harvest from various plants, how to utilize medicinal qualities of plants, how to find resources to address garden problems that he/she doesn't know how to solve, how to build garden beds and how to take care of bees in a city.

Compensation, Accommodations and amenities provided :


Preferred start date :
November 3, 2017
Preferred length of internship :
After 100 hours have been completed month
Willing to host a spanish speaking intern? :
No  - If the intern can also speak English, we can host but if not the Garden Coordinator isn't fluent in Spanish so this could be difficult.