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Spring Creek Veggies

Our family run farm in east TN serves local markets and regional seed companies. We curate our local seed library's collection.d cur

Riceville Tennessee United States
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About the Farm:

Our family run farm gratefully provides consciously grown heirloom and open-pollinated produce using sustainable, non-certified organic and biodynamic methods. On our 10 acre homestead we grow produce for ourselves, and local markets on 1.5 ac. We have a few goats and chickens for milk and eggs. Each year we grow a few varieties (tomatoes and beans) for Southern Exposure Seed and Sow True Seed, and we grow several more (cucumber, squash, tomatoes, beans, basil, kale, lettuce, flowers) each year for our own use. In addition to the farm we present gardening workshops each month at our local library and for other groups and curate the only seed library in a public library in the state of TN.
We homeschool our two teenage daughters and get help on the farm from WWOOFers and interns. We are located halfway between Knoxville and Chattanooga.
Join us as we build a point of sustainable living in a diverse society.

Seed Crops Grown :
Beans, Kale, Lettuce, Basil, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Squash,, Sunflowers, Marigolds, Borage,
Other Crops :
Vegetables, Herbs, Berries
Other Farm Activities :
Composting, Direct marketing, Farmers market, Farm carpentry

About the Internship

Accepting Interns
General Expectations and work flow :

Interns help with all aspects of farm operations including soil preparation, sowing, transplanting, weeding, mulching, irrigating/watering, trellising, harvesting, post harvest handling, seed saving, mowing, maintenance, construction, animal husbandry, and whatever else needs doing. We try to limit the hours interns work to less that 40, but this is not always possible. We typically work 6 days a week, but interns staying for more than 3 weeks will bet longer periods off to relax and explore the surrounding region.

On-farm training :

Depending on length of stay and time of year, interns can expect to learn about many aspects of rural living and what it takes to successfully grow seed and produce in an ever changing market. We work hard and are respectful of our neighbors and community. Meals are shared with the host family. Each month we present a workshop at our local library. Task may be done indiviually or as a team, depending on the task.

Compensation, Accommodations and amenities provided :

We have a couple extra sleeping spaces in our basement that are available. Camping on the farm is also an option. Compensation is primarily room, board, knowledge,and experience gained. Interns able to work the entire season may be eligible for a 'production bonus' if the season was more profitable than past years. Interns may also be provided a small space that they can 'sharecrop'.

Preferred start date :
April 22, 2016
Preferred length of internship :
5 months month
Willing to host a spanish speaking intern? :
No  - Our Spanish skills are weak.