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Chickadee Farm

Chickadee Farm is a certified organic family farm specializing in high quality vegetable and flower seed grown using organic and biodynamic methods. Chickadee Farm has been owned and managed by Kelly Gelino and Sebastian Aguilar since 1998.

Talent Oregon United States
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About the Farm:

Chickadee Farm is a small organic farm growing certified organic seed of numerous vegetable and flower crops for several national seed retailers. The farm is located in Talent, Oregon on 12 acres of deep loam soil in the Bear Creek watershed, which separates the Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges. Our hot dry summers and mild winters allow us to grow a wide variety of seed crops, both the dry and wet-seeded. Some farm principles we work by include:
• Focus first on soil health and farm ecology to encourage crop success
• Footsteps are the best fertilizer… observe and pay attention to the details
• Proper planning helps make the work go smooth
• Proper timing makes everything better and easier
• Look for, invest in and develop efficiencies (both as techniques and infrastructure) that help make the farm sustainable
• Self care and balance farm work with other aspects of our lives
Having started off as apprentices in 1997, we understand and value the “trade” of labor for education that apprenticeships offer and as hosts, we take seriously our commitment to offer a valuable educational experience to our apprentices. We offer 4+ hours of intensive training per week including weekly farm observation walks and classroom instruction on a variety of topics. Our goal is for apprentices to feel confident in their ability to start and manage their own small farm after leaving our farm.

Seed Crops Grown :
kale, chard, onion, collard, brassicas, lettuce, radish, and more, tomatoes, peppers, melons, zinnia, cosmos, tithonia, sunflower, and more
Other Crops :
Other Farm Activities :
Farm machinery, Greenhouse management

About the Internship

Accepting Interns
General Expectations and work flow :

Apprentices work 40 hrs/wk and in exchange, receive 4 hrs/wk of focused instruction, housing and a weekly stipend.
The week starts on Monday with a farm walk to observe and discuss the changes on the farm and assess the needs and priorities of the work week. With a written to-do list outlining the week, we then tackle the diverse tasks that the farm requires. On Friday afternoon, we meet at the kitchen table for a two+ hour class on topics ranging from interpreting soil test results to irrigation theory and system design to writing farm budgets and cash flows.
Spring days run 8-5 and gradually shift to 7-4 and then 6-3 as the days get hotter.
We host apprentices from the start of April until mid-November.

On-farm training :

As mentioned, the training revolves around the 2+ hour farm weekly walk and the 2+ hour weekly class. In addition to this, apprentices are mentored through all farm tasks with a discussion of the purpose, technique, pitfalls and alternatives. We seek to give apprentices the information and resources they need to become proficient in all aspects of running a farm. We have years of professional farm educator experience and for motivated apprentices, we are willing to help mentor them through visioning and creating a business plan for their own future farm.

Compensation, Accommodations and amenities provided :

Compensation is education and mentoring, a weekly stipend, housing and farm produce.
The stipend is $120/wk until mid-August and $240/wk for the final 3 months.

Preferred start date :
April 2, 2018
Preferred length of internship :
Until 11/16/18 month
Willing to host a spanish speaking intern? :
Yes  - We do not speak spanish but we would accomodate anyone who knows sufficient english.