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This program helps match individuals seeking to learn more about seed production with experienced seed producers. Once completed, your intern profile and application will be visible to host farms who are registered on this site. Your information will not be visible to the general public. Please note that OSA does not oversee the specific arrangements between each host farm and intern. The internship hours, compensation, living arrangements, and farm culture may vary between hosts, though all hosts are encouraged to follow our internship guidelines.

All interns matched with hosts in 2020 will have access to the OSA/MESA self-guided seed production curriculum to supplement your on-farm learning (please note that you need to enroll to view the course, and enrollment is free).

Beginning in 2021, all interns matched with hosts through this program will be able to enroll in a new interactive online course in organic seed production. Please look for more details on this 6-month course beginning in late 2020.

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