Basics and Fees

[x_accordion_item title=”Hosting Basics”]

Stewards are carefully screened by MESA and via our global networks. Stewards expect full-time, on-site training activities and cultural immersion for up to 12 months.

Hosts typically provide Stewards with:

-32-48 hours of weekly, supervised training for a full season
-lodging, plus food or food stipend
-wages or stipends
-cultural activities

Weekly hours and training activities will vary by placement. Your Host training plan will describe all compensation offered.[/x_accordion_item]

[x_accordion_item title=”Program Types”]
Certificate in Applied Agroecology Program (CAAP) and Next Level Program (NLP)

Both programs appeal to US sustainable farms, nonprofits and companies that align with MESA’s mission and seek to host international beginning or experienced agriculturists for up to 12 months.

First-time Stewards join the CAAP. Steward alumni who’ve completed a US program two or more years ago join the NLP. Stewards may arrive at their assigned Host placements throughout the year to accommodate seasonal requirements for a wide variety of sustainable farms, ag. companies and organizations.

The NLP seeks sustainable operations that can offer management-level training for MESA alumni. Each season MESA invites a select group of successful Steward alumni to apply for the NLP.

Regardless of which program suits you best, US Host partners are welcomed into MESA’s network of sustainable farmers and farm advocates worldwide![/x_accordion_item]

[x_accordion_item title=”Host Fees and Benefits”]

Hosts pay MESA a $100 annual membership fee, plus $225/month per Steward for the duration of training. Host fees help our nonprofit organization provide exceptional services and benefits, including:

-Careful screening and application support for international candidates
-Legal training visa and US program sponsorship
Online agroecology curriculum
-Steward scholarships
-“SPRIG” grant eligibility for Hosts to collaborate with Stewards on special farm projects
-Steward conference and workshop reimbursements
-Coordinator support
-intern/apprentice accident and injury insurance*

*US citizens interning with a MESA member Host must be enrolled in MESA’s Applied Agroecology Certificate course to be eligible for this insurance.[/x_accordion_item]