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Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co


MESA Notes – Public

Important: This placement is offered only for Steward alumni in the Next Level Program.

Website :
Blog, Online Newsletter, etc. :
Public Contact Information:
[email protected]

About the Placement:

Detailed Placement Description

These individuals would work in every aspect of heirloom seed growing, production, and sales. Other opportunities exist for Stewards who wish to get more involved with retail marketing and event planning & production as well as online outreach.

Primary Production :

Berries, Flowers, Grain, Herbs, Vegetables

About the Internship:

Training Hours:

40 hours/week

Training Expectations :

Train five days a week, in all sorts of outdoor conditions. Eight-hour days are most common. All tasks will be supervised by a team leader.

On-Site Training, Steward’s primary activities :

Seed starting, planting, garden prep and maintenance, greenhouse management, seed crop maintenance, harvesting, seed extraction and preparation. Trainees may also experience aspects of external grower screening and collaboration, intake of seed shipments, and germ testing.

Climate and Location Description

Semi-rural location. No easy access to public transportation. STEWARDS WITH VALID HOME COUNTRY DRIVERS LICENSE will have more independence/use of company vehicle. Training site is approximately 5 miles from nearest food or gas. Weather temperatures typically range from 50 degrees F/10C in early May to high 90F/32C with high humidity in the summer months. Winter temperatures can get quite cold, with a week or two of subfreezing (below 32F/0C) temperatures not uncommon in January.

Compensation :

See accommodations description below., During work hours, the on-site vegan restaurant will offer a midday meal at nominal cost when it is open; hours/days vary seasonally., There is an ESL tutor available for occasional language support and/or cultural adjustment issues. ESL classes will not be offered.

Accommodations and amenities provided :

Baker Creek has a large house on-site in which the Steward(s) will be able to stay, very close to Jere Gettle’s home. There are private bedrooms, 2 shared baths and a shared kitchen. Other options may include staying with a host family, with private rooms for each Steward, though it is located at some distance from the farm.

Preferred start date :

May – June

Preferred length of internship :

6-12 months