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Third Way Farm


MESA Notes – Public
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Public Contact Information:
[email protected]

About the Placement:

Detailed Placement Description

The Dirt on Internships
What does the internship include?
Farming! – all things community agriculture
Housing! – live in our eco-sustainable intern housing
Food! – eat what we grow
Stipend – MESA stipend
Farm Project Option! – get funding to start your own farm project, create a product to sell or a system that improves the life of the farm

How long is it?​
That depends. The farm needs interns year-round so we give preference to those willing to commit to a 9-12 month stay but, we also accept interns for shorter periods of 5-6 months, and strictly summer internships for 2-3 months.

What does it look like to be an intern?
At its heart, this is a sustainable farming internship program. The main aspects of work for interns will focus on our intensive regenerative produce production and will also entail significant involvement in our rotational, pasture, and woodland-based livestock systems. Throughout the seasons, interns partake in all tasks on the farm. A sampling of some major elements of this work include:
sowing seeds
processing vegetables
prepping beds and soil
taking care of livestock
transporting deliveries
hosting our Farmer’s Markets and Barn Store

As an intern/trainee, you will be trained by us, Tommy and Michelle, and veteran staff, and we will often work as a team. high level of responsibility, care, and excellence is expected in all aspects and levels of work done here. We expect speed, efficiency, precision, awareness, and adaptability. At the same time, TWF seeks to cultivate an atmosphere of fellowship and fun in all we do, and we strive hard to make our work environment minimally stressful and maximally enjoyable. Community, faith, and justice are essential values that undergird the daily experience at Third Way Farm.

​By the end of the season, we hope our interns leave feeling equipped to steward all aspects of a diversified, regenerative farm while walking away transformed and ready to dive further into the mission of cultivating community, faith, and justice for all through regenerative agriculture!

Primary Production :

Berries, Cattle, Farm Education & Community, Flowers, Herbs, Pork/Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Vegetables

About the Internship:

Training Hours:

40 hours/week

Training Expectations :

What do we desire from interested applicants?
​Positive attitudes and determination to overcome adversity
Mature communication skills and a willingness to be brave and vulnerable
Openness to working in a religious context. **We are disciples of Christ committed to peace, justice, and ecological regeneration and therefore all applicants must be willing to work within these core values but need not share our tradition and perspective. In fact, people of all faiths or no faith are welcome, and encouraged, to apply.
Eagerness to partake in the basic rhythms of intentional community, including weekly shared meals and scheduled gatherings, farm events, and Bible studies or other faith/perspective-growing opportunities.​

What do we require from interested applicants?
Energy to perform physical and demanding work daily
Flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances and weather
Careful listening and direction following
A disposition to help others and work collegially
Initiative, motivation, and an ability to self-direct, manage, or motivate when necessary
High attention to detail and care for all aspects of the work, the land, and our community
Ability to receive constructive criticism and correction, but also to offer insight on improving farm systems
A drivers license

Intern schedules will be set but are flexible. Typically interns work approximately 45 to 48 hours per week during our main growing season from April to October and less during the winter season. Plenty of space for rest, self-care, and fun are built into that work time including breakfast and lunch breaks, daily team moments, 1:1 check-ins, and vacation or sick/personal days to be offered as needed.

On-Site Training, Steward’s primary activities :

see above – all aspects of work on our farm – no-till organic vegetable/fruit/flower production methods, rotational grazing of ruminants, woodland-raise pig operations, pastured laying hens and livestock guardian management, retail farm sales.

Climate and Location Description

Maryland – Zone 7A; 4 seasons, hot summers, cold winters, fair springs/autumns.
We live in a semi-rural/suburban area. Our farm is on a fairly rural road, but we are adjacent to a golf course community. We are within 10 minutes of 2 cities with access to everything one needs. We are 5 minutes from I-95 and 1 hour travel to Baltimore and Philadelphia cities and International airports. There are taxi and uber options available from the farm, and a local train station 10 minutes from the farm.

Compensation :

Housing in our Intern house – 3 bedroom house where interns each have their own bedroom and share a kitchen and bathroom with 1 other person. Co-ed, unlimited access to our vegetables, eggs, and a monthly allotment of pork from our farm, we provide resources for regenerative agriculture, and can connect inters to other local farms for research and learning; learning and participating in dairy, goats, and other agricultural operations are all available.

Accommodations and amenities provided :

see above – housing with heat/AC, all utilities, wifi, communal living

Preferred start date :

March 1-10

Preferred length of internship :

7-8 months