Available Stewards


Here’s our current Steward candidate roster, which includes off-season candidates. This roster is updated frequently, especially between the months of September-December for candidates seeking to join the next program year. We invite you to check back again if you don’t find a candidate match. To view full Steward applications, please login.


Age: 29

Gender: Female

Preferred Placement: Field Crops / Vegetables / Poultry/egg production

Additional Interests: Agri-tourism, Bio-intensive (mini) farming, Community & farm education, Soil fertility, Youth & farm education


Status: Available

Sri Lanka

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Preferred Placement: Seed production / Biodynamic Farming / Landscaping/Gardening

Additional Interests: Biodynamic farming, Cheese-making, Organic certification, Permaculture, Urban agriculture, Vermiculture


Status: Available