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Coulter’s Good Earth Farm





MESA Notes – Public
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Public Contact Information:
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About the Placement:

Detailed Placement Description

We are a mid-sized diversified farm(30 acres) that has been practicing sustainable agriculture for over 20 years. We have a lot of learning opportunities over a wide range of agricultural sectors. We have about four acres of vegetable production as well as orchards, small fruit, chickens, and beef cattle. We are commercial seed producers and do greenhouse production of transplants for sale and use on the farm, as well as cut flower production. We keep bees and incorporate permaculture principles into our farm management and do permaculture design work and education as well. We sell at a large farmer’s market in an urban area as well as run a CSA (subscription produce program). We have good contacts across all agricultural sectors and farms in our area to provide other learning opportunities. The steward will have opportunity to learn all aspects of successful sustainable farm management of an agroecosystem, including production, planning, marketing, seed saving, orchard care, pest control, composting, irrigation, permaculture principles, growing native perennials, herbs, and more.

Primary Production :

Cattle, Flowers, Poultry, Tree fruits, Vegetables

About the Internship:

Training Hours:


Training Expectations :

We expect a successful steward to work and learn alongside us during our week with a mix of supervised and unsupervised tasks that vary greatly. We normally work 40 plus hours a week spread unevenly over six days with Sundays being our day off. Work hours can vary, depending on weather, with some extra long days and some with few. Farm work is very physically demanding and can be accompanied by extreme weather in our area–either hot or cold, wet or dry. A successful steward will be a learner, not a complainer, not afraid to get dirty, hard-working, and flexible.

On-Site Training, Steward’s primary activities :

All aspects of vegetable and fruit production from seeding and transplant production to planting, maintenance, harvest, processing, and marketing. Orchard and fruit tree maintenance is seasonal. Daily chores may include caring for the various animals on the farm, watering, seeding, planting, and more.

Climate and Location Description

Early spring weather can be wet, cold, snowy, and windy, or sunny, pleasant, and warm–it changes almost every day in our continental climate. Summers are mild to hot with a mix of sunny days and rainy days. We are in a semi-rural area about 4 miles from our small town and about 10 miles from a town of about 10.000. There is no public transportation and everyone normally drives anywhere they need to go. You cannot walk or ride a bike to town. We go to town on a regular basis, so there are plenty of opportunities to catch a ride. We are about 40 miles from a larger urban area where we go every week to sell vegetables.

Compensation :

Private bedroom in family home. Shared bathroom., Daily meals at home are provided, but meals outside the home are the responsibility of the steward

Accommodations and amenities provided :

Private bedroom in 1100 square foot house with shared bathrooms. Meals are normally cooked and shared at home, mostly featuring food from the farm. High speed internet and cellular coverage available. Stewards would be expected to share in household chores.

Preferred start date :


Preferred length of internship :

6 months