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Victory Gardens For Peace, a Project of Ecology Action




MESA Notes – Public

Note: This non-profit, educational placement offers Grow Bio-Intensive (GBI) training for future practitioners in the GBI movement. The monthly stipend offered is $200, with possibility to receive scholarship support for some program-related costs, such as tuition and MESA SAGE fees.

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Public Contact Information:
[email protected]


About the Placement:

Detailed Placement Description

We are Victory Gardens for Peace, a project of Ecology Action. We are a research, education and demonstration site for the GROW BIOINTENSIVE Method of Agriculture, located at the Stanford Inn Eco-Resort in the town of Mendocino. We run about 1/4 acre in biointensive vegetable production with a special emphasis on sustainability. Our training site has hosted interns from many country and we select participants who demonstrate a strong desire to teach GB in the community. We develop complete diet designs which microscale the agricultural footprint of the human diet and significantly reduce resource consumption while building soils. Our techniques have been used in over 150 countries worldwide and in many soils and climates. We have a seedbank with over 1,000 accessions of locally grown, organic seeds which we make available for free to our community. We emphasize outreach, education and celebration in the shift towards a more peaceful and sustainable future. We have developed the Garden Friendly Community Resolution which is a tool to help communities develop community-based food efforts with a special emphasis on sustainability. Our GardenCorps program trains leaders to work in teams to develop community-based food projects. We offer a special 8-month internship which trains students in basic GB techniques, Sustainable Diet Design, Community Food Systems, Project Development and GB Teacher Certification. Our ideal internship participant is eager to learn this system and has a clear vision for the project they wish to create and a strong drive to work with others to help their communities in sustainable, GB food production. For more information on Victory Gardens for Peace, visit: For more information on our 8-Month Training Internship, visit:

Primary Production :

Berries, Farm Education & Community, Flowers, Grain, Herbs, Tree fruits, Vegetables

About the Internship:

Training Hours:


Training Expectations :

Daily work in the gardens learning the GROW BIOINTENSIVE Method and regular classes going further in depth into the methodology and theory. We maintain a positive and friendly work environment, supporting eachother in our growing and education. We expect participants to be timely, committed and to work at a steady pace. We desire students to challenge themselves to increase their understanding of soil, food and community through this important work. All cultivation is by hand, no tractors or machinery. For more information on GB techniques and the work, visit

On-Site Training, Steward’s primary activities :

Preparing soil, transplanting, harvesting, recording data, composting, participating in all farm-related activities, classes and homework.

Climate and Location Description

Cool, maritime climate- often foggy, rainy in the winter and dry in the summer (May-October)

Compensation :

Free, daily food, Scholarships may be available

Accommodations and amenities provided :

$200 monthly stioend, Housing is provided, laundry facilities, food is organic and vegan. No meat and dairy are allowed on the premise. Internet is free. Town is within walking or biking distance and has a grocery store, restaurants and stores.

Preferred start date :

March 26

Preferred length of internship :

8 Months