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Camphill Village Minnesota





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About the Placement:

Detailed Placement Description

Our main business is Camphill which is an initiative for social change based on the principles of anthroposophy. We are a land based community where people with and without disability work and live together.
Our community has 7 households on 525 acres of land. We have harvest kitchen, bakery and several craft buildings and workshops on our property. The community takes care around 40-60 people.
Our land’s main business is beef cattle husbandry. We have 8-15 cows and around 15-20 steer and heifers and around 8-15 calves each year.
Besides the beed herds we have laying hens all year around and boiler chickens and turkeys seasonly.
We produce our own cattle feed. On our 525 acres of land 250 are pastures and hay fields. During the summer season we cut, rake and bale for the winter season, so cattle has food for those cold winter days.
For that we need to plow, cultivate and drill our grain then new hay field each year. Every year different field.
During the summer our cattle rotationally graze our pastures.
Our beef are 100 % grass fed.
During summer we have around 2 acres of garden, where we produce our own food. Cabbage,onion,beets,peas,etc…
We also have an acre of orchard, which includes several apple trees, plum trees, pear trees and Berrys, such as strawberries and raspberries.
Due to Camphill and our relationship to anthroposophy we are a biodynamic farm and land. We do all the preparations for our land.

Primary Production :

Berries, Cattle, Herbs, Poultry, Tree fruits, Vegetables

About the Internship:

Training Hours:

might be over during summer. Steward will be compensated with vacations and weekend free time periodically. We have one free day a week.

Training Expectations :

People needs a 40 hours training due to our licensing.

On-Site Training, Steward’s primary activities :

-Garden training(Grow vegetables,seeding,transfering,mulching,etc,anything around garden work)
-farm work(beef cattle management, land management for cattle, husbandry and calf management, field work such as plowing, cultivation,palnting,making bales. Nutrient needs for cattle and poultry. Machine work with tractors.
-Orchard work

Climate and Location Description

Climat changes. Summer can be hot like 90-100 degrees.
Spring and falls are pleasant but can be wet.
Winters are harsh and cold sometimes. Can reach -40 degrees. But usually around 0-20 degree. We can also expect significant snow.

Compensation :

we have several houses. some of them are empty for different guests or land workers, some of them has a live in workers and people with disability, Free, daily food

Accommodations and amenities provided :

Room and board provided fully. It might be in a village house with other people or in an empty house.

Preferred start date :

April 2024

Preferred length of internship :

6-12 months period